For more information about
private ceremonies at Lake
Street Commons please call us
at 269.857.1680
Lake Street Commons uncommon get-away
In 1984, the Unitarians became the first denomination to affirm all loving couples and to
create religious services in all traditions blessing them.  John Porzondek, trained in the
Christian tradition along with Spiritually blessed James Serman,  continue the tradition
at Lake Street Commons Lodging and perform beautiful and memorable weddings and
commitment ceremony's.  All are welcome.
Your simple yet elegant custom wedding vows can be at a wedding location on-site or in nearby civil
wedding ceremony, a spiritual wedding ceremony, a Hand fasting...  It is your day and we respect
your choices.  We will both meet with you to discuss and assist in planning your special day.
No matter what direction you pursue, we look forward to meeting with you.
Justin and Ashley 9/7/2013